Peter Linenthal

Robert Bracey on King Huvishka’s Gold Coinage

Discussing details on the gold coinage of the Kushan king Huvishka, Robert Bracey shows how aspects of coin design, minting, ...
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Kirkus Reviews on ‘Jaya’

A nice review from Kirkus:  Young Jaya’s mother has been summoned to King Kanishka’s palace to bake her famous apricot cake ...
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‘Jaya’: Author/Illustrator’s History

An article in the Nov 25 San Francisco Examiner by Denise Sullivan describes Peter Linenthal's involvement in history, both local and global. ...
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‘The Global Connections of Gandharan Art’ Coming to Oxford in March 2019

The University of Oxford's 2019 International Workshop through their Gandhara Connections project will focus on how the art of ancient Gandhara connects to ...
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